Allium Home


Allium Home is a natural home products company which promotes healthier living and responsible consumerism. From the 100% cotton compostable ribbon to the letterpress labels - each hand printed individually - Allium Home strives to bring you products that are as beautiful as they are kind to your home and to the earth. Our beeswax candles are non-GMO unlike most soy candles which usually derive from GMO crops, perpetuating pesticide use on soy crops.  We advocate for a healthier environment for bees, humans, and all of earth's inhabitants. A percentage of our sales is donated to environmental causes, such as Midwest Pesticide Action Center.

Allium Home's beeswax candles are healthier for your home because they clean the air as they burn by releasing negative ions.  Our beeswax tealight candles are better than typical paraffin tealights which release toxins into the indoor environment.  Allium Home's cotton wicks don't contain harmful metals as other candle wicks sometimes do.  Our cosmetic grade beeswax is filtered using diatomaceous clay, never bleach.

All Allium Home beeswax, glass containers, boxes, and packing tissue are responsibly sourced in America where cleaner, safer labor and manufacturing practices can be verified and child labor avoided.  Buying American made products also helps reducing shipping distances, therefore lowering carbon emissions.  Products are sourced as locally as possible and our beeswax comes from Midwestern hives. 

We support other local businesses to create our hand-printed letterpress labels and cotton ribbon, which are custom made in Milwaukee for Allium Home.  The Cream City Ribbon which decorates the boxes is 100% compostable cotton.  The labels are individually hand-printed on a vintage letter press machine by Bay View Printing.

Our boxes and tissue paper are made from recycled materials and can be reused or recycled. Once the candles have been enjoyed, the residual beeswax can be removed and the glass re-purposed for drinking or storage instead of being destined for the landfill.

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